The seminar may combine physical and online meetings as will be defined by the content of each of them. The physical meeting will not have more than 10 participants so as to permit everyone to experience all that the seminar has to offer.


How to read Art, For and From Ourselves

This seminar follows the book of this title and explains the ten tools and ten means by which art can be read more readily by anyone. These instruments will be applied during the seminar on familiar works as well as lesser-known others on display in museums and other monuments in Florence, Siena and/or Rome.


The seminars under this topic take place in collaboration with professionals in the relevant. The seminars can combine both frontal and online meetings.

- Contact with the Soul

The goal of this seminar is to get to know and connect with the special voice of Your soul. The seminar is given in collaboration with a holistic counselor who specializes in the field of ‘Path of the Soul’.

- Family Constellation

Following the technique developed by Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist, this seminar will take place under the guidance of an expert in this field.
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