The lectures are delivered via zoom and as physical meetings. The length of each of the lectures – about an hour. The lectures are aimed at the adult audience, but by prior arrangement they can also be adapted to a younger audience. The lectures are offered in Hebrew, English and Italian
Outlined here are three principal lectures. Many others are available, plus I am also happy to build on-demand lectures dependent upon my knowledge and background as regards the topic.

How to read works of art through the Woman’s Figure in Western Art

The first goal of this lecture is to challenge the ambivalent masculine concept toward the woman’s figure in Western Art. The second is an introduction to the tools for reading art in accordance with the means explained in my book: Reading works of art, for and from Ourselves.

Dwarfs on Giants’ Shoulders – Change of the artistic Language from Renaissance to Baroque

Here we shall examine together how the Artistic Language changed from the Renaissance to the Baroque period as a result of new ways of thinking and discoveries. With these concepts in mind, we shall be able to understand and read also other works of art from those periods in a manner that – as much as it is possible for us today – comes closer to their original context.

Renaissance Selfies

Is the ‘selfie’ a new thing or can this phenomenon be traced back to the past? Not restricted to the period – but nevertheless focusing on the Renaissance – we shall see that the human ‘selfie’ urge has long been alive and well. The only change has been the means of achieving the desired result.

• The Geniuses of the Renaissance and Baroque - Compliments, Modesty and much more – Ego

Even though highly appreciated in their lifetimes, it seems that Leonardo, Michelangelo, Bernini, and other genius artists were human beings after all. Afraid of failure and always in competition with their rivals, the consequences and upheavals of human nature and Ego manifested in their behavior. 

All this and more will be dealt in this lecture.

Life Changing Messages Transmitted in Art

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day – Memento Mori – Remember You must Die. Expressions and exclamations dating to ancient times. How has Art attempted the transmission of these far-reaching and significant concepts? This lecture looks at the projection of life-changing messages through imagery.

The Seven Basic Energies of the Soul and their Expression in Art

There are those who claim souls are divided into certain seven groups or essences and that therefore the soul of each one of us belongs to a specific group. Each of these seven essences has its typical color and characterization and directly influences our behavior and way of living. With the collaboration of a professional holistic counselor, we shall look at soul essences and the ways these manifest in Art.
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