Guided Visits

Every one of us has his or her own interests, wishes, and desires. For this reason, I decided long ago to build my guided visits around meeting participants’ hopes and expectations as best I could. Whether the visit is with a single person, couple or groups of friends and family, by advance planning, the experience can be designed according to individual preferences. Any booking is exclusively yours. My only restriction is that group bookings must be of no more than 7 people in order to ensure that the guiding maintains its personalized perspective and is inclusive of every member of the party.

Arranging a visit is best done in advance; the sooner the better for achieving the date and hour most suited to your travel plans. So, if you would like to make a visit with me, please be in touch, but also give some thought to your particular interests so that I can work towards creating that ideal visit.

Kindly note that all guided visits are on foot and do not include driving services.


Minimum duration of visit 3 hours. Longer visits available by prior arrangement. Please note that you can choose any visit listed below or combine elements of one or another. Alternatively, an individually designed visit including your choice of one or more of the many Florentine monuments can also be arranged.

The Uffizi Gallery – How to read works of art from the Late Roman Antiquity, through Middle Ages, to the Renaissance and the Baroque?

Apart from being exposed to the masterpieces of all time geniuses: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, this visit will introduce tools and concepts for reading art without being limited only to the intermediation of others.

To reduce waiting times and queueing at the Gallery, it is highly recommended that tickets are booked in advance. However, such a booking should only be made after fixing the date and hour of the visit.

From the wonders of Michelangelo

During his almost 89 years of life, the genius worked mainly in Florence and Rome. In this guided visit we shall explore monuments in Florence that have connections to this artist and his works. For this visit, the locations requiring advance bookings for reduction of waiting times will be specified. The bookings should only be made after fixing the date and hour of the visit.

The important churches in Florence

The city is a jewel box of beautiful churches from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and other eras.

However, aside from the beauty and particularity of each of them, the visit provides a deeper understanding of the role of religion in the life and death of the believer of the time. About that and more in the churches which will be included in this visit.


Minimum duration of a visit 6 hours with the option of a break during the same day. Visits include entrance to one or more monuments in the city as specified here.

The Roman Baroque from Caravaggio to Bernini and back again

This guided visit includes various churches in the city which contain works by both these artists. The visit can also include the Borghese Gallery which is home to other works by the two geniuses. If you wish to visit Borghese Gallery, pre-booking is essential.

On Life and Death

What is the deeper meaning of the phenomenon of marble praying figures above the deceased’s own tomb? Does it only serve the purpose of commemoration or is there more? By visiting particular churches in Rome, we shall delve into that question and see what we find; along the way, discovering different concepts and understandings of Life from the Ancient world to the Baroque.

From Empire to the Pope’s kingdom

While visiting a number of museums and churches in the city, we shall observe the transformation of artistic language from that of the Ancient Roman Emperors to the kings of Christianity – the Baroque Popes.


Should you wish to enjoy a guided visit to two or three of these cities on the same day, the duration would need to at least 6 hours to allow for travel from place to place. Please note, transport is not provided and should be independently arranged.


Conserved beautifully from the Middle Ages, this wonderous city provides a unique experience of then and now. Of particular interest is the interior of the Duomo. Again, for reducing waiting time, a ticket should be purchased in advance. Beyond that, a visit to the Pinacoteca (predominantly an art gallery) offers a profound opportunity for reading art from the late Middle Ages to the Baroque.

Via Francigena – The Pilgrimage Road

As pilgrims made their way from the south of England to the Eternal city of Rome during the Middle Ages they passed through Tuscany. This guided visit includes cities that became stronger and grander thanks to being on the pilgrim way; among them lovely Colle di Val d’Elsa and San Gimignano famed for the house-towers that gave it the nickname of: Manhattan of the Middle Ages.

Siena and The Pilgrimage Villages

This visit includes Siena and some of the smaller nearby villages, such as Certaldo, through which the pilgrims passed during the High Middle Ages. Please note, transport is not provided and should be independently arranged.
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